Carlos Collaço

is currently a case study Lead Investigator at AESE Business School and works as a freelance translator. He is the author of many case studies on major companies including Infosys, Jaguar Land- Rover and Symington. He has worked as Safety Officer and Site Engineer in the UK, Norway and Oman having acquired relevant field experience, and as Municipal Engineer at Oeiras Town Council where his understanding of urban issues was furthered. Has also taken up other jobs to date. Holding a degree in Civil Engineering from Lisbon’s Instituto Superior Técnico (Higher Technical Institute) with a focus on Planning, Transport and Management, attended a specialist course in Airport Planning and Design by ANA, Portugal’s Airport Authority. He has developed extensive interests over many years ranging from politics, governance, business and finance to safety, security and defense, spatial and urban planning and city management regularly inspecting city-wide equipment and works underway affording him a comprehensive vision on multiple issues of the day.
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Editores: Roberto Carneiro | André Corrêa d'Almeida | Fernando Ilharco

Innovation Incubators and Public Entrepreneurs in Times of Decentralization 9 Case Studies


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