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Os International Annual Meetings in Political Studies iniciados em 1993 na Arrábida, transformados, entretanto no Estoril Political Forum que vê em 2022 a sua 30.ª edição resultam agora num primeiro volume de três que publicamos.
Sob a égide da liberdade e da democracia liberal são 30 anos de discussão política e plural com grandes mentores como Alexis de Tocqueville.

“The Institute of Political Studies (IEP) at the Portuguese Catholic University is a remarkable institution. It not only has educated several generations of Portuguese students, many of whom have gone on to become leaders in politics, government, media, and business. It also has sponsored a yearly international meeting in political studies that has become one of the world’s most interesting and influential conferences.”

Marc F. Plattner
Coeditor Emeritus, Journal of Democracy
Chairman, IEP-UCP International Advisory Board

“The Estoril Political Forum is a gathering of friends of liberty that has grown over the years. It was not made by a central decision, or a central command. It has grown. It has evolved gradually through the free interaction and cooperation of free and responsible individuals and institutions that have felt at home and have enjoyed these annual meetings.”

Rita Seabra Brito
Director Estoril Political Forum (Since 2008)

Marc F. Plattner
Introduction: The excitement and the power of ideas
João Carlos Espada
I. Liberalism or Communitarianism?
Michael Walzer: Pluralism and Democracy
Guilherme d’Oliveira Martins
Making Sense of Moral Conflict
Steven Lukes
II. Theories of Justice: Liberty, Equality, Opportunity
Social and Economic Rights (Revisited)
Raymond Plant
III. Citizenship and Civic Society
John Locke and Government by Consent
Pedro Bacelar de Vasconcelos
The American Revolution and the Creation of an American Civil Society
Gordon S. Wood
Liberalism and Multiculturalism
Chandran Kukathas
IV. Liberty, Virtue and Self-Interest
Should the Liberal State Be Neutral?
João Cardoso Rosas
Liberalism Beyond Justice
John Tomasi
Value Pluralism and Political Liberalism
William Galston
V. Modernity and its Critics
Prospects for Social Justice
David Miller
Moral, Religious, and Hypostatic Truth
Lenn E. Goodman
VI. Liberalism, Old and New
The Tradition of Liberty and its Memory: Why they Matter
João Carlos Espada
From Liberalism to Liberal Democracy
Marc F. Plattner
The Paradoxes of the Third Way
David Marquand
The Liberation of Women, Old and New
Diana Schaub
Constitutionalism, Old and New
Walter Berns
VII. Pluralism Without Relativism: Remembering Sir Isaiah Berlin
Pluralism in Opposition to Liberalism
John Kekes
Religious Pluralism and Freedom of Conscience
Lucas Swaine
Contents 7
Pluralism and the Market: Historical Reflections from Voltaire through Hayek
and Beyond
Jerry Z. Muller
Value Pluralism against Liberalism?
Stephen Macedo
VIII. Left And Right: Ideological Divides in the 21st Century
The Politics of Technology in the 21st Century
Adam Wolfson
Left and Right: Ideological Conflict in the 21st Century
Seymour Martin Lipset
The Coming ‘Conservative Century’
Irving Kristol
What is Compassionate Conservatism?
Myron Magnet
Do Left and Right still Mean Anything? A Latin American Perspective
Carlos Henrique Cardim
IX. Civic Life in Market Societies
The People’s Condition: Revisiting Tocqueville’s “Memoir on Pauperism”
Robert Royal
Beyond the ‘Prison of the Corollaries’: Liberty and the Common Good in the
Thought of Bertrand de Jouvenal
Daniel J. Mahoney
Consumption as Civic Participation in Peace and War
Cliff ord Orwin
X. Culture Wars in The West
Ideas of the University: Newman’s “Idea”
Anthony O’Hear
Why Can’t Johnny’s Professor Teach?
Heather Mac Donald
Appendix: International Meetings in Political Studies – Programmes
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Foreword by Marc F. Plattner
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