Unravelling Neurosciences Today is a tribute to Professor Alexandre Castro Caldas. This book has papers from fellow researchers, former students and colleagues who shared paths with Professor Castro Caldas throughout his extensive academic career.

Throughout his career, he worked and collaborated with numerous renowned scientists, some of whom paid tribute to him in this book through unpublished scientific and opinion articles. The first part of this book contains articles, ordered alphabetically, by fellow researchers and colleagues who worked and/or collaborated with Professor Alexandre Castro Caldas. The second part, also ordered alphabetically, contains the articles by his former doctoral and post-doctoral students which deal with common research interests. In the third and final part there is a tribute by a Brazilian colleague.


Notas Prévias / Preliminary Notes

Ana Mineiro; António Medina de Almeida, Margarida Vieira, Marlene Barros

Parte I

Artigos Científicos de Colegas / Scientific Papers by Colleagues

Progress in Persistent Postconcussion Syndrome

Andrew Kertesz

About Alexandre Castro Caldas, Colleague and Friend, and about a New Era in Neuroscience

António Damásio e Hanna Damásio

How learning to read in infancy shapes language-related brain networks: Studies through magnetoencephalography

David del Río, Marta Sepúlveda-Palomo e Fernando Maestú

Callosal syndromes: Symptoms and aetiologies

Edward H. F. de Haan

Afasia global e a sua recuperacao. Caso clínico com estereotipo

José Fonseca

Cross-linguistic investigations of language neurobiology: Focus on primary progressive afasia

Stefano Cappa

Parte II

Artigos Científicos de Alumni / Scientific Papers by Alumni

The effects of ICT pervasiveness on cognition and the brain: An opinion paper

Ana Maria Abreu

A Prática da Neuropsicologia Clínica: Analise Reflexiva

Artemisa R. Dores, Andreia Geraldo e Sandra Guerreiro

O papel do cortex cingulado medio na recuperacao de memorias associativas pessoalmente relevantes

Carla Pais Vieira

Neuromitos na Educacao: O Retrato Portugues

Joana Rato

Aging well, Aging better. Non-invasive electrical brain stimulation to stimulate memory in healthy aging

Filipa Ribeiro e Joana Macedo

The puzzling effect of education on malingering

Filomena Gomes, Inês Ferreira e Sara Cavaco

Post-stroke Aphasia – are rTMS a key to better recovery?

Inês Tello Rodrigues

A Hipotese do Periodo Critico para a Aquisicao da Linguagem e a Maturacao Neuronal: Uma Alianca Neurolinguistica para a Compreensao do Papel da Exposicao Linguistica

Mara Moita

Demencia: Uma breve reflexao

Maria Vânia Nunes

Ellipse fitting method for analysis of action potential dynamics

Miguel Pais-Vieira, André Perrotta, Carla Pais-Vieira, André Peres, Carolina Kunicki, Paulo Aguiar, Patrícia Monteiro e Nicolas F. Lori

Challenges of Pain Neuroscience: From the laboratory to the clinic

Rita Canaipa

Parte III

Outras Contribuições / Other Contributions

Tributo ao Professor Alexandre Castro Caldas

Ricardo Nitrini

Some memories from 2003

Cornelius Weiller e Michel Rijntjes

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