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A NEW VISIBILITY: On Culture, Translation and Cognition

Coordenador: Peter Hanenberg
Tema: Translation
Coleção: Estudos de Comunicação e Cultura
Ano: 2015
Págs.: 184
ISBN: 9789725404652
Preço: 8€   
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Current research in Translation Studies has expanded the perspective on Translation – and the notion of its centrality not only as a question of language but also as a crucial issue for the study of culture and the human mind. The present volume builds upon these developments, endowing a new visibility to culture, translation and cognition in their conceptual interdependence. It follows necessarily a multidimensional and thus multidisciplinary approach, dealing with topics such as the translation of historical narrative, a semio-cognitive approach to translation, translation and imagination, the epistemic status of the term translation and its conceptual identity and transversality, notes on world literature and translation, the voice of the translator, the issue of dictionaries and the question of translation in a mobile world.









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